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A book that talks about love, history, progress and life.

The novel is based on a true story of the romance between a great Latin American businessman and a Polish countess. It is an accomplished and entertaining novel that involves the history of the twentieth century, the man who brought the first planes to Latin America, the founder of Avianca and Cine Colombia, and he who turned to planes the ships that sailed the Hudson and Magdalena rivers.


“You `ll Be In My Heart”, Do you remember these words that we once said in Venice? I do not know if you remember them well as I do: it was 1909 when we kissed each other lovingly for the last time on the vaporetto.”


St. Petersburg in Russia; Jesolo, the beach near Venice; Rome and the Villa Borghese parks; Lausana, by lake Leman; Warsaw and la Zelazowa Wola of Frederick Chopin; Paris and Medellin, of course, are the scenarios of this love story.


“Tu m’memmeneras, said the note I left you which my mother promised me she would give to you, along with the addresses of Warsaw and St.Petersburg, my final destinations, where you could find me.”


“I waited for you, I waited for your love letters, I wanted to go looking for you, but was not sure where: Rome, Paris, Medellin?”


The thousand days’ war, the Bolshevik revolution, the history of aviation, the accident of Carlos Gardel, the Great Depression, the invasion of Warsaw, and World War ll are the fantastic and historic scenarios of this novel.

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